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Step 1
Book A Free Trial

Schedule an appointment by entering your details in the Try @ Home form. Or simply call us at +91 9899981118

Step 2
Try Them On At Ease

Our Try @ Home Fashion Consultants will get the pieces to you - at home, at work, wherever you like! Try them on at ease. You could try maximum 6 products at a time.

Step 3
Buy If You Like

Find the piece that's perfect for you and place your order. But in case you don't like anything, there is no obligation to buy.

Get Started

You could choose 6 of your favourite wedding dresses, have them delivered to your home, try them on and then order the one you love. Try @ Home service would also include a 90 minutes fitting and consultation services from IBFW fashion stylist. Please follow the below steps:

  • Choose Product Category

  • Select Upto 6 Products

  • Add To Try @ Home Cart

  • Select Date - Time and Confirm

  • Get Ready For Try @ Home Service


What is Try @ Home?

Try @ Home allows you to "touch" and "feel" your favourite garments at a time and place of your choice. It`s 100% free and there is no obligation to buy if you don`t like what you`ve tried. All you have to do is pick six pieces that you`d like to try and schedule your trial session.

Is Try @ Home available outside India?

No, it is available only within India.

Which are the cities in which this service is available?

Our Try @ Home service is available in Delhi and Mumbai only. Soon this service would be available in other cities as well.

Do you charge for this service?

No! We are offering this service absolutely free of cost.

Which products can I try?

Any garment with the try @ home icon on the product details page.

After trying, can I place the order on the spot?

Yes, if you like the product after trying you can go ahead and place an order with our Try@ Home fashion consultant.

How many products can I try at one time?

You could try upto 6 garments at home.

How will you send me the products for trial?

Our Try @ Home fashion consultant will bring them to you at a time and a place that is convenient for you.

If I try, does it mean I must buy?

We are sure you will like the products you try but just incase you don't want to there is no obligation to buy after trial.

Will the manufactured product be exact same as the one I tried?

Yes what you Try @ Home is what you get delivered.

Can I request for trial at my office?

Absolutely! You can avail our Try @ Home service anywhere.